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Unearthing Hidden Gems: Discover the Belgian Couple Transforming Saab Cars into Gold

The Belgian Couple Turning Old Saab Cars into Gold: A Unique Business Opportunity

Saab's Popularity Soars: Meet Jean Pierre Rolly and Gina Van De Voorde, the Belgian Couple Turning Saab's Bankruptcy into a Thriving Business in NorwaySaab's Popularity Soars: Meet Jean Pierre Rolly and Gina Van De Voorde, the Belgian Couple Turning Saab's Bankruptcy into a Thriving Business in Norway

In a small Norwegian town called Fiskå, a Belgian couple named Jean Pierre Rolly and Gina Van De Voorde have embarked on an extraordinary venture. They have set up Saab Corner, an innovative company that specializes in acquiring and selling parts from old Saab vehicles.

Despite the Swedish automaker’s bankruptcy many years ago, Jean Pierre and Gina firmly believe that their business will thrive, and they are not alone in their optimism. This article delves into the fascinating story of their entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the potential investment opportunities and the growing demand for original Saab parts.

The Beginning of a Unique Business Idea

Nestled amidst a war zone of discarded Saab carcasses, Jean Pierre Rolly proudly refers to Fiskå as home. Having purchased an old farmhouse and hoisted the Saab flag on its flagpole, the couple set out on a mission to scour Norway for old Saab vehicles.

"A Treasure Trove in Disguise: Embracing the Beauty of an Abandoned Farm Filled with Vintage SAAB Car Wrecks
“A Treasure Trove in Disguise: Embracing the Beauty of an Abandoned Farm Filled with Vintage SAAB Car Wrecks

The remote location and lack of immediate neighbors didn’t deter them from pursuing their passion. Their goal was simple: to stockpile as many old Saab cars as possible and salvage valuable parts for resale.

A Belief in the Potential

While their choice may seem unconventional, Jean Pierre and Gina view their business as an investment in their retirement. With Jean Pierre’s background as a former BMW mechanic and Gina’s experience in elderly care, they both sought a change from city life and desired a more rural lifestyle. They were captivated by the breathtaking Norwegian landscapes and the opportunity to live freely amidst nature.

The Value of Original Saab Parts

Inside their farmhouse, every room, floor, and shelf is filled with Saab parts. Jean Pierre proudly showcases decades-old original components that have never been unpacked. This treasure trove of genuine Saab parts has become a haven for Norwegian Saab owners seeking to keep their vehicles on the road.

The couple exclusively sells original Saab parts, instilling confidence in their customers that the value of their vehicles will remain intact. The ability to source unused parts from various locations, such as a defunct Saab workshop in Lillehammer or an old Saab warehouse in Denmark, has been instrumental in their success.

The Investment Potential

Jean Pierre and Gina firmly believe that Saab vehicles and their parts will appreciate in value over time. They highlight the increasing prices of original parts, emphasizing that installing non-genuine components can significantly decrease a vehicle’s resale value.

The couple’s observation that Saab cars are surprisingly inexpensive in Norway presents an opportunity for astute investors. While a first-generation Saab 900 turbo convertible can cost a quarter of a million kroner in Belgium, it can be acquired for half the price in Norway. These favorable market conditions make Saab cars an attractive investment prospect.

Expert Opinions

Benny Christensen, a renowned automobile expert, echoes the couple’s sentiments. He recognizes the potential for Saab vehicles and parts to become valuable assets in the future. He draws parallels between Saab and Volvo, emphasizing the dedicated community of enthusiasts who continue to support and cherish these brands. The availability of a diverse range of Saab parts, including classic models like the Saab 99 EMS, further enhances the investment potential for collectors and enthusiasts.

Expanding the Business

While Jean Pierre travels across the country to acquire more Saab vehicles and dismantle them, Gina manages the administrative tasks and organizes the parts. Their collection currently consists of 60 to 70 vehicles, not all of which are stored on their property.

However, their ambition is to build a large garage to accommodate all the parts and expand their operations. Although they are open to international customers, they primarily focus on serving the Norwegian market due to the high cost of shipping.

A Business for the Future

Although the couple acknowledges the challenges of establishing and growing their business, they firmly believe that their investment will pay off in the long run. Jean Pierre envisions a future where Saab parts command high prices, drawing comparisons to collectors in the United States and Australia who are willing to pay a premium for the right component.

He mentions fellow Saab parts enthusiasts in Belgium and France who view their collections as their pensions. Jean Pierre and Gina share the same mindset, seeing their business as a means to secure their financial future.

Saab Corner

Jean Pierre Rolly and Gina Van De Voorde’s unique business venture, Saab Corner, showcases the potential for profit and investment within the realm of vintage Saab vehicles and original parts. Their belief in the increasing value of Saab cars and the rising demand for authentic components has driven their entrepreneurial spirit.

As they continue to expand their collection and cater to the Norwegian market, their business stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Saab and the dedicated community that supports it. With the right foresight and understanding of the market, Saab cars and parts present an intriguing investment opportunity for enthusiasts and investors alike.

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