Saab concept car Fashionista



Saab-Fashionista-5The Saab Fashionista is a design penned by Mayeul Walser, a French car designer, and this is his student work.

The Saab Fashionista is a proposal for an up-market, four-seat, mid-engined coupe which could be built on GM’s hybrid platform as used in the Chevrolet Volt. At 4,450mm (175 inches) long, 1,800mm (70.8 inches) wide, and 1,250mm (49 inches) high the Fashionista and Volt have almost identical dimensions – although the Fashionista’s roofline sits slightly lower.


The styling inspiration for the Saab Fashionista comes from a variety of different sources including futuristic sci-fi technology and Chanel’s fashion collection from K. Lagerfeld. In combining these different influences the overall design philosophy of the concept referrers cleverly to Raymond Loewy’s principle of MAYA (Most Advanced Yet Acceptable).

This design style essentially means that the Fashionista has been created to appear futuristic and forward thinking while also remaining within the boundaries which most people will readily accept.

Access to the interior of the Saab Fashionista concept is through unique two part doors. The top part swings upward in manner similar to gullwing doors, while the lower section moves out and then back.





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