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Saab Commercial by Saab enthusiasts

Saab Commercial by Saab enthusiasts

and his team are independent filmmakers, and They belong to the Sandpoint Filmmakers Network – independent filmmaking community. If you have an interest in making films – or even if you just want to practice using the video features of your DSLR camera – you are welcome to join their network.

Arics interest in photography goes back to childhood when he received a Canon FTB and 50mm lens. Eventually photography brought him to capturing moving images which has fueled his love for crafting cinematic stories ever since. He hasan affinity for vintage lenses because of the more film-like look they provide and love to use them when appropriate. That’s exactly what he used to make a great short Saab film.

This is 1989 Saab 900 SPG Turbo Commercial done by Saab enthusiasts as a test of the Panasonic GH5 using HLG 6K with 2X anamorphic lens:

Very nicely done. Love the attention to detail and production design.

Music, sound, light, atmosphere… it’s all in its place. Love everything about it. But SAAB’s best ads always cam int he form of videos. Saab has always made great commercials that are usually either funny or impressive, but always entertaining, attractive, with powerful, meaningful, inspirational messages.


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  • There were also some folks in Poland who made a commercial for used car they were selling. It is here: it was also pretty cool!

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