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Saab Club Nederland Croatia Tour 2023: A Memorable Journey of Enthusiasts

Saab Club Nederland Croatia Tour 2023Saab Club Nederland Croatia Tour 2023

After years of absence, the Saab Club Nederland (SCN) organized a special members’ trip from June 7th to June 15th, 2023. This time, the destination was Croatia. Despite the limited number of participants, a total of nine Saabs, one Matra Murena from the travel organizer Roads4Classics, and a “Bobby Ewing” Mercedes SL for technical support embarked on this remarkable journey. The small group size fostered a strong bond from the very beginning, creating an intimate and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The route for the tour was carefully planned using the well-known “tulip” system, guiding the participants on a scenic nine-day adventure from Opatija to Pag, Šibenik, Zadar, Plitvice, and finally to Kastav. Along the way, ample time was allocated for sightseeing and coffee breaks, which the group often enjoyed together. The overnight stays were arranged in four-star beachfront hotels, ensuring a relaxing and picturesque backdrop for the evenings filled with camaraderie and laughter.

Saab Club Nederland members taking a scenic break on the island of Pag, Croatia, during their unforgettable journey
Saab Club Nederland members taking a scenic break on the island of Pag, Croatia, during their unforgettable journey

The success of the Croatia Tour has sparked the planning for the next members’ trip, which will follow a similar format but take place in Northern Italy. So, for all Saab enthusiasts, keep an eye on the SCN website’s agenda for updates on the Saab Club Nederland Italy Tour.

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The SCN Croatia Tour was not just about driving beautiful cars along stunning routes; it was a testament to the passion shared by Saab owners. Despite the smaller number of participants, the sense of unity and common interest among the group was palpable. The love for Saab automobiles served as a catalyst for forming new friendships and strengthening existing ones. It was a journey that transcended mere transportation and transformed into a memorable experience.

Croatia, with its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, provided the perfect backdrop for this automotive adventure. From the coastal charms of Opatija to the historic city of Zadar, every destination offered a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural significance. The participants had the opportunity to explore the picturesque island of Pag, renowned for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. The historic city of Šibenik, with its UNESCO World Heritage-listed cathedral, captivated the group with its timeless charm.

Saab Convertible Duo: Embracing the Scenic Beauty of Croatia's Coastal Mountains
Saab Convertible Duo: Embracing the Scenic Beauty of Croatia’s Coastal Mountains

The highlight of the tour was undoubtedly the visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park. This natural wonderland, with its cascading waterfalls and emerald lakes, left an indelible mark on the participants. The group had ample time to explore the park’s trails, marvel at its natural splendor, and capture countless photographs to forever preserve the memories of this breathtaking location.

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Apart from the scenic beauty, the SCN Croatia Tour allowed participants to showcase their beloved Saab cars. The convoy of Saabs cruising along the Croatian roads turned heads and drew admiration from locals and fellow travelers alike. The passion for these classic vehicles was evident at every stop, where fellow car enthusiasts would approach the group to admire the cars, exchange stories, and share a common love for Saab automobiles.

One cannot overlook the important role played by the travel organizer, Roads4Classics, in ensuring the smooth execution of the tour. Their dedication to providing an unforgettable experience was evident in every aspect of the trip. The inclusion of the Matra Murena and the Mercedes SL as support vehicles added a touch of variety and practicality to the journey. The presence of the “Bobby Ewing” Mercedes SL as technical support showcased the camaraderie and mutual assistance that defined this trip.

As the SCN Croatia Tour came to an end, the participants departed with lasting memories, new friendships, and a shared enthusiasm for Saab automobiles. The success of this adventure sets the stage for future endeavors, with plans underway for the Saab Club Nederland Italy Tour. Members and Saab enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate the opportunity to explore the scenic landscapes and cultural treasures of Northern Italy while fostering the camaraderie that makes these tours so special.

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The SCN Croatia Tour of 2023 was a testament to the enduring passion and camaraderie shared by Saab enthusiasts. The intimate group size allowed for strong bonds to form, creating an atmosphere of friendship and unity throughout the journey. Croatia’s stunning landscapes provided the perfect backdrop for a memorable automotive adventure. As plans for the next tour to Northern Italy take shape, Saab Club Nederland members and enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to embark on another unforgettable journey, celebrating their shared love for Saab automobiles.

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