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Saab Classics in Poland


Investing in vintage, classic or collectible vehicles is not for everyone. It is not enough to have only money, It also requires extensive knowledge of automotive history, market knowledge and trends, and the overriding factor that will ensure the success of the entire operation is … passion.

Adam Nietrzeba from Poland is a great fan of vintage classic cars and he has the passion we mentioned. He is A member of many Polish and European clubs that associate vintage car enthusiasts. Also, Member of the Mercedes Benz Club of Poland, co-organizer of the DRYNDA International Charity Rally for Historical Vehicles and other historic motoring events. He and his wife have launched a web portal about the old classic cars –

Klasylwisko is a place for lovers of antique cars. You will find here very subjective classics tests, rally and rally reports, reports from interesting cars exhibitions and antique vehicle fairs. Of course, Owning a vintage car is a lifestyle, a way to spend your free time, a hobby that can make you addictive.


Nasza "perła w koronie"- SAAB 96 Jubileum z limitowanej wersji specjalnej na pożegnanie produkcji modelu 96. Wyprodukowano jedynie 300 sztuk (!). Dziękujemy firmie Dron Jarosław oraz GB SYSTEM za pomoc w realizacji materiału.

Geplaatst door Klasykowisko op Dinsdag 12 september 2017

Klasylwisko portal also deals with video production,  and amongst other good old cars, their studio also filmed several films by the Classic Saab cars. The cars that belong to the local fans of the classic Saab vehicles were recorded in these Short movies.

As an example, look at these two beautiful Saab 96 models – SAAB 96 JUBILEUM and Saab 96 Sport: