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Saab Classics Association Netherlands – Autumn tour 2017

Classic Saabs

A beautiful aftermovie of the Autumn-tour/trip 2017 (Weerribben-Wieden Herfstrit 2017) of the Saab Classics Association Netherlands with some awesome droneshots.

Saab Classics Association The Netherlands is a classic car club and club is more than just a Classic Saab club. For many it is a way of life, and for others it has opened up a whole new social world. the club gathers the owners of classic cars like Saab 92, Saab 93, Saab Sonett, Saab 95, Saab 96, Saab 90, Saab 900 Classic or the Saab 9000.

The Club was founded on January 8, 1980 as the Saab 96 Association Northern Netherlands. The reason was that on January 8, 1980, the very last Saab 96 rolled in Finland from the production line.

Annual autumn ride of Dutch Saab Classic club members was driven in the beautiful National park Weerribben-Wieden. In this video you will find fantastic shots that are made in the Weerribben.

An area that is great, an area wherein you feel free, it’s all so green. An area that is located in the polder, as well the reason why there are so many mills. Beautiful music, beautiful nature, beautiful colors and of course – beautiful Saab classic cars:

Special Thanks to author of this video Tom Kappert who created these videos and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. As the author says: “It took some time but result in a fantastic picture!

We agree with him completely!

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