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Bengt's 300 Saab cars

Douglas aka “Motornörd”, founder and creator of the video channel Motornörd, recorded another very nice Saab story. There are plenty of Saab aficionados still around World, And just like Saab cars are special in their own way, so is every Saab story so special.

Douglas visited Bengt who has a great interest in old Saab 99 and Saab 900. Bengt doesn’t have one or two cars. He have a lot of Saab cars. Bengt inherited his love for Saab cars from his parents and grew up with Saab cars. He owns Saab cars of all models and ages, but most of them are the 900 and 99 models.

Even today, he buys Saab cars and expands his collection, and none of his cars are for sale. Most cars from his collection are in excellent, running condition, and some require some restoration. However, according to his own testimony, he only sold one car from that collection at the insistence of a Dutchman Saab enthusiast, but immediately regretted doing it.

Bengt currently owns an incredible 30 Saab cars!

And as stated above, most car  are in drivable condition, and most can pass MOT testing. Since this is a really large number of maintenance and registration cars, he arranges and licenses  2 to 3 Saaba cars each year, and drives them that year. For the next year, he is switching to 3 new Saab cars. Check out this interesting and warm Saab story:

So wonderful to see that some of Saab’s fantastic cars will live on! Bengt is a real rescuer of Saab cars, as he bought a good portion of them from car waste and saved them from destruction – and the cars only had minor failure.

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