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SAAB Carlsson Project Car – Stolen!

Saab 900 CarlssonSaab 900 Carlsson

Here is another appeal to find a stolen Saab car.In the last couple of years, we have seen a higher frequency of thefts of Saab cars, but these are mostly older Saab cars, which did not have various anti-theft systems installed.This time, it’s about the car we wrote about on this blog – an exceptional example of the Saab 900 Carlsson.

Allan Holmes contacted us with an appeal on behalf of his friend who owns this beautiful and rare Saab model – 1990 c900 SAAB Carlsson Replica. This is an extremely rare and very special SAAB that was featured on SAAB Planet August 19, 2019: Saab 900 Carlsson Project . A lot of hard work, labor, sweat and love was put into restoring this SAAB – a true work of art, by Scanwest Autosport of Seattle, WA.

Saab 900 Carlsson Edition

Help in the search for the stolen Saab

Here is the text of the appeal: Calling all SAAB owners and enthusiasts, we need your help. This fully restored 1990 Carlsson – Replica was recently stolen from the owner’s driveway. The car should be very easy to spot, it is equipped with numerous rare accessories;

  1. Carlsson badge,
  2. Carlsson kit,
  3. Dual-tip chrome exhaust,
  4. Whale tail,
  5. Carlsson Sport leather steering wheel,
  6. Leather/velour seats,
  7. Super Aero rims and
  8. Rear decor panel.

Scanwest Autosport worked for over a year sourcing essentially all new OEM parts for this restoration. Please help reunite this SAAB with its owner/caretaker. If anyone in the SAAB community has any information or even thinks they have recently seen this car, contact the owner at/through a special thread that was created with the help of Saabnet.

Saab 900 Carlsson Project

The VIN: YS3AL35L3L5003197, CA plate: 6UTE553.

Stolen from San Francisco, CA, Can contact owner by clicking the email link.

As you can see and read, this is a very specific car with a large number of recognizable parts, so it is impossible not to notice it. It is only important that the car does not stay somewhere in a secret garage, but we firmly believe that as soon as it goes out on the street, it will be noticed, discovered and returned to the owner.

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  • So tragic. I remember seeing it getting worked on when I visited scanwest. I can’t believe someone would 1 steal a SAAB and 2 let that happen… It’s heartbreaking.

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