SAAB Safety

Saab car wrapped around a tree

crashed Saab car

Although it may seem almost impossible that someone survived this side-impact, this Saab 9-5 driver was very lucky. The accident took place yesterday afternoon in Krasnogliny city in Poland.

Driver of Saab came into a curve too sharply and slipped, on the road leading towards Bobrowniki (from the Kock road), then lost control of the vehicle and fell into a roadside ditch. As a result of the impact, he cut down a tree and completely destroyed the car. Only one person traveled by car.

Saab save lives

Fire brigade, emergency medical team and police intervened on the spot. The injured Saab driver was taken to hospital for further examination. The driver was conscious when transporting to the hospital. Once again proved the passive safety of Saab cars.

Saab after Accident

Preliminary findings show that the driver of the saab on the curve of the road has lost control of the vehicle. The car rolled into the opposite lane of the road and hit the tree sideways. Policemen determine the specific circumstances of the incident.