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Saab Car Museum Festivalpass 2019

As the festival time approaches, every day there is more Saab Festival 2019 news. As the festival time approaches, there will be more news, activities, exciting information, competitions and much more, so keep an extra eye on facebook page until the festival.

Bildelslagret (The car dealership in Lidköping was founded in 1957 and since 1991 has been family owned by Mats Svensson with family.) will be a part of the Saab Car Museum Festival also this year. There will be some differences compared to previous years; It will be open at both Trollhättan and Lidköping ( 60 km:s drive from Trollhättan ).  In Lidköping, they will offer ”Do it yourself”-dismantling of at least 50 Saab cars of different models and model years. For more information about the cars available and practicalities, see their website. This website will be updated, so check it out. The ”Do it yourself”- dismantling in Lidköping will be open Thursday June 6 and Friday June 7 between 10.00-16:00.

Saab festival

In Trollhättan the shop will be open as usual, and they will offer a festival-discount of 25% on all used and car parts of the shelf. They will also have special offers from Saab Parts / Orio. This is offered the festival week from Monday-Friday. Please note that the Trollhättan store is closed June 6, the Swedish national day. The opening times is 07.00-17.00. Saturday-Sunday closed. You can prebook cars parts in Trollhättan for pickup on Friday.

Saab Car Museum Festivalpass 2019

Buy your Saab Car Museum Festivalpass in advance and avoid the queues. This pass is valid all 3 festival days June 7-9 and gives you entrance to the Saab Car Museum with it´s exhibition and the seminars that will take place there.  Organizer do NOT distribute the passes to buyers in advance, you will collect them at a separate desk when you arrive. Fast and convenient, and here’s the ticket price:

Prices: Adults: 300 SEK ~ €29
Seniors: 250 SEK ~ €24
Youngsters 4-19 years: 200 SEK ~ 20€
Children up to 3 years of age: Free entrance