Saab Car Brand Should Be Revived!

75 years of Saab spirit

After the just concluded Saab Car Museum 2022 festival held last weekend in Trollhattan, it is simply an amazing fact that no one thought of reviving this car brand. This is exactly the dilemma that the journalist of the Swedish car magazine is dealing with, who consulted brand experts, who point out the huge potential of the brand itself, but also of the population of Saab enthusiasts around the world. Because, it is the brand that does not make the product itself, but the perception of the end customers-users, which is extremely unambiguous in the case of Saab. journalist MATHS NILSSON also contacted Saab AB itself to reiterate their views on a possible revival of car production, but we already know their answer. They see themselves as a global supplier of weapons and military equipment, and they act in marketing only in that direction. Despite the fact that the brand could be worth many billions, they have no plans to revive the car brand Saab.

They were reportedly present at this last “Saab Car Festival” last weekend, but only as observers. Perhaps the presence of so many people who appreciate and respect what Saab’s legacy is, will “force them” to consider starting their own production or at least handing over the brand to a corporation that would revive Saab cars on a well-known basis.

This is exactly what the interlocutor of magazine – brand expert Niklas Turner Olovzon, CEO of Passionlab – talked about: – “The potential for Saab is huge with the right buyer. It’s a mystery that no one does any of that“, he tells Carup.

These days, or more precisely on June 10, the car brand Saab celebrates its 75th anniversary. On June 10, 1947, the very first Saab was unveiled, a black Saab 92 which today is called Ur-Saab. Many people dream of Saab rising from the dead, and if you trust the leading experts in brands, it would be a real shame not to take advantage of this opportunity, which has a deadline.

1946 Saab 92001 Ursaab

– “Saab should be revived. There is a huge potential with the right buyer. As a brand, it has been stronger than many car brands that roll on quite well today. Saab had a design and innovation aura around the brand that is incredibly exciting and it can be revived“, says Niklas Turner Olovzon, brand expert and CEO of Passionlab for By reviving the Saab car brand, an investor could save many billions on marketing. But it is important not to wait too long.

In the same style, Niklas adds: – “It is a mystery that no one does anything about Saab. In a way, it is worth zero and, of course, large investments are required to get it rolling. But establishing a similar brand from scratch is about multi-billion sums. If you wait too long, there is a best before date. Then it becomes a nostalgia that flies over people’s heads. If you wait another ten years, it is too late“, says Niklas Turner Olovzon.

What Niklas is talking about is common sense logic, which should guide the actions of many companies. In a way, that was the intention of the responsible people from the company NEVS, and before that of Koenigsegg, but they did not have enough strength and will to start everything from scratch. One BMW saved and revived the MINI brand, as well as Geely restarting Volvo or Lotus brands…


  • I guess it would be a tough business decision to invest billions getting the “brand” going again if the entity cannot own the brand name…..

  • Never going to happen though is it. The SAAB name is dissolved. GM took all the patents that were worth taking. Engine rights and tooling all sold to SAIC who still actually make the B235 engine but in a very low power form. Even if it was revived some how it would just end up like “MG”. Just a marketing badge but no resemblance to what the brand used to be.

  • Would love to see it, but it is not going to happen. Instead celebrate the beautiful vehicles assembled by SAAB from 1947-2011.

  • And who is going to do that, reviving Saab? Volkswagen bought an empty box with the brand name AUDI and what did we get? Did we get back a DKW, an NSU, a Horch, an Auto Union? No we got an expensive VW in a nice outfit… called AUDI.

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