Saab Car Bingo Game

The Saab Original Team from Orio AB designed a great social game on the subject of the Saab car called “Saab car bingo” that can give you this summer, on a beach or a vacation in the mountains, to provide you you nice moments and fun.

The cheerfulness of the game is very simple and it can be played by anyone without any training. Three in a row or full house? Print the following picture, then paste it on cardboard, and bring it with you at anytime to be ready to tick one off!

Saab car bing Cardboard game print

First one to get three in a row wins. To extend the competition – try to get full house. Since every bingo card are the same, the game is best played together, but over time. The prize is the sheer joy of laying your eyes on so many beautiful Saab cars. The experience is the biggest reward. Also, for those younger and those who do not know the Saab brand, this little game is a great opportunity to get to know the once-perfect Saab car, the cars we all proud of.

Would you like to see other Saab cars on the bingo card? Give us a like and a shout!