Saab Aero by Lugnegård Design

Mikael Lugnegård is a Industrial/Concept designer from Sweden. He work with concept development, industrial design and workshops, and he believe in the power of design — that it truely has the capacity to change the world.  He have had the privilege of working with brands like RED, Wacom, SCANIA, Superstudio, Digital Tutors, The Brand Agency, Interaction Design Lab, UID and many of Swedens most well-renowned design universities.

Among his concept works include those related to Saab design. Here’s what he says about the design Saab cars: “Saab should become a true enthusiast car. We do not need more family wagon, Volvo does that, and they do it well. Saab has a golden opportunity to rethink its brand strategy and become a unique, user-centered and dynamic brand

SAAB AERO HERITAGE. An exclusive 2 +2 coupe with clear roots in both classic Saab models in the Air Force


Perhaps you would like to see how Mikael work?

The techniques of Mikael Lugnegård from Mikael Lugnegård on Vimeo.

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