Saab: Blackbird

Saab: Blackbird

Says director Joseph Kosinski: “Aero X [a concept car, only three exist] is a “green vehicle,” it runs on clean-burning bio-fuel. Therefore, I wanted everything (the architecture, landscapes, environments, etc) to feel pure and untouched. 

This was meant to be more of a SAAB brand spot rather than a product-specific ad. Therefore, I wanted to avoid any gimmicks/slogans/taglines and focus on mood rather than specific features. The overall intent was to provide a tantalizing glimpse into the near future. 

I approached it more like a music video…a very simple, classic, open narrative focused on establishing a relationship between the car and the girl through a variety of visual juxtapositions (i.e. opening doors vs. folding legs, cutting between girl on her back and car upside down on the road, etc.). I also maintained strict screen direction (girl is always facing left, car is always facing right) until final scene when their images finally merge in the reflection of the glass.”

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