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SAAB B207 Engine Balance Chain Guide (Bottom Guide) Upgrade: Solving a Common Issue

Sketch of Upgraded Chain Guide: A Solution to Enhance Saab B207 Engine Reliability

Saab B207 engine owners worldwide have been facing a common problem with the bottom balance chain guide, which is prone to failure and requires regular replacement. Nigel Rose, an active member of the Saab Australia Facebook Group, has taken the initiative to address this issue by developing an upgraded guide that promises improved durability and reliability. In order to bring this project to fruition, Nigel is seeking the support and participation of fellow Saab enthusiasts.

This article aims to highlight the problem, present Nigel’s proposed solution, and extend an invitation to the wider Saab community to join forces in resolving this recurring issue.

The Problem

The B207 engine, utilized in the Saab 9-3 NG model from 2003 to 2011, features a bottom nylon (plastic) balance chain guide that is prone to failure over time. While regular maintenance, including fluid and lubricant checks, is crucial, many owners are unaware that the bottom guide requires replacement as a maintenance item.

Consequently, failures of this guide are not uncommon, leading to engine performance issues and potential damage. Nigel Rose has observed this recurring problem and is determined to find a solution that offers a more robust alternative to the original guide.

The Solution

Nigel Rose has designed an upgraded balance chain guide to address the durability concerns associated with the original part. His proposed solution involves replacing the bottom nylon guide with a metal frame incorporating vulcanized high-temperature and oil-resistant rubber guide material. This design enhancement aims to provide a significantly stronger and more reliable guide, ensuring improved longevity and reduced chances of failure.

Call to Action

To move this project forward and make the upgraded balance chain guide a reality, Nigel is seeking the participation of 20-30 individuals willing to contribute AUD $100 towards the production costs.

The success of this initiative relies on the collective support and involvement of Saab enthusiasts who recognize the need for a better solution to the common failure of the bottom guide in the B207 engine. By joining forces and pooling resources, owners of Saabs equipped with this engine can significantly enhance the reliability and performance of their vehicles.

Nigel Rose’s Contact Information

For those interested in supporting this project or seeking further information, Nigel Rose can be reached through the following channels:

Salvation for all B207 engine owners

Nigel Rose’s endeavor to develop an upgraded balance chain guide for the Saab B207 engine addresses a prevalent issue faced by owners of this particular model. By replacing the original bottom guide with a more robust and durable alternative, the proposed solution aims to alleviate the recurring problem of guide failure.

Nigel’s call to action invites Saab enthusiasts worldwide to participate in a group buy to support the production of these upgraded guides, ultimately benefiting all B207 engine owners seeking a better and long-lasting solution. Let us unite as a community to address this issue and enhance the reliability of our beloved Saab vehicles.


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