Saab B206 Turbo engine in BMW M3 (E30)

Saab B206 in BMW M3Saab B206 in BMW M3

Replacement of engine (swap engine) is not an unusual thing, we remember SAAB powered Opel Vectras. The idea of engine swaps has been around longer than you think, but cross-pollenating dissimilar powerplants and chassis with one another is a phenomenon still relatively new.

An Swapper and car enthusiasts, used the Saab B206 engine and threw it into the BMW M3 (E30). His motivation for this engine swap: Wish to have more horsepower and torque, without having to rev that high. So, a stronger engine than the ‘original’ 265 BHP S14 engine and still reliable and relatively affordable. No discussion, the BMW S14 is a truely magnificent revving engine with a ‘goose bumps’ sound. But they are relatively expensive BHP’s and not as many as from a little modified Saab B2**-engine.

Saab engines in older BMW cars are no longer a novelty (Saab-BMW swap 2009), and below you can see one of the latest Saab-BMW Swappers: