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Saab And Safety: She Survived a head-on Collision

Saab accident screenshot

This is the reason that we wish SAABs were still being made. We are fortunate, not only to have the knowledge of the existence of these cars, but the opportunity to own and drive them.

On a daily basis, on the roads around the world, Saab cars prove their quality in the field of safety. Just look at our blog section “Saab Safety and you will see the number of Saab cases. The last such SAAB case happened last Friday in CONCORD, NH,  where it happened Serious multi-vehicle accident.

Three people were injured in a three-vehicle crash in Hooksett this afternoon, according to New Hampshire State Police.

State Police said shortly after noon Friday, Rebecca Webster, 69, of Candia was driving southbound on Hooksett Road (Route 3) in her 2007 Saab 9-3 when she crossed into the northbound lanes and struck nearly head-on a 2005 Toyota Corolla that John Tousignant, 51, of Concord, was operating.

Saab head on collision

Both Webster and Tousignant were brought to Elliott Hospital and treated for serious bodily injuries. The third driver, Myers, was also transported to the same hospital for evaluation.

However, According to the police, it’s just incredible that the drivers survived such a serious traffic accident. As you can see the Saab’s interior is almost untouched, And the impact was amortized by the front end of car.

Also, Police officer said it appears from initial investigation that Webster was driving her Saab on a flat tire which played a role in the collision, but State Police are looking into all possible scenarios.


  • Wow. You’ve hit a new low. She almost KILLED someone and you’re making this into a marketing ploy. I will never buy anything from this company or subsidiaries.

    • What is he marketing and did you stop reading half way through? Accidents happen and if you kept reading you would of found out she had a flat tire which could of caused the wreck. Who knows, maybe she’s crazy and shouldn’t be driving, but I’ve seen stulid things even intelligent people have done. The police were wowed by the damage. Are you going to bless them with your disapproval too. Or maybe you think that person who caused the accedent should of died. No matter who caused the accident, it’s amazing how the Saab did it’s job again and protected the driver.

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