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Saab Aero-X Model Story

Andreas's Saab Aero X modelAndreas's Saab Aero X model

Andreas Pihelgas from Tallinn (Capital of Estonia) is a passionate lover of Saab cars (also proud owner of classic Saab 900) and car modeling. Some eight years ago, an interesting project emerged from his two passions. In fact, the idea was conceived much earlier, In 2006 he started making a model of the Saab Aero X.

He was a huge fan! There were no models available to purchase and so Andreas decided to build a 1/6 scale model from scratch without any previous experience and without any drawings. Only using images he could find online. Long story short: unfortunately, He never finished the model and now that we have the DNAAero X version it will probably stay that way because it has been laying around since 2013. He is Not sure if to be sad or happy about that… But the DNA version is really nice and Andreas did not wait for a second before he ordered this beautiful model.

Saab Aero X model

And that’s not all, In 2011 I even started a small blog for this project. The DNA model reminded him of that and he dug out the blog. It was funny to look back and re-experience the joy and pain of making it with the skillset and experience he had at the time. We really appreciate this level of commitment and love for Saab cars, and cars in general.

Saab Aero-X and the designer Anthony Lo
Saab Aero-X and the designer Anthony Lo

Andreas’s model is not as perfect as the DNA model, but his model is bigger, it was created on the basis of just photographs and has a soul.