Saab History

Saab Aero Academy – High performance driving school

Saab Aero Academy

10 years ago Saab USA had a special offer for all owners of the Saab Aero cars – Saab Aero Academy – a special two-day course of advanced driving techniques.

It was a unique opportunity for all Saab car owners and Saab fans to improve their driving skills. Power of acceleration the feeling of connection as wheels at the pavement it’s a sensory experience that only Saab Aero owners are offered when they buy their cars. And, at the Aero Academy they learn how to drive these machines to the edge, pushing their own limits.

At the beginning of the course, in the classroom, the participants were introduced to the physics and vehicle dynamics. They got acquainted with the vehicle’s traction and control, and also with the Friction Circle –  Learning about grip and forces on the tyres to help them understand the maximum.

Friction circles describe both the amount of force being used by tire and it’s direction. To appreciate the benefits of the information contained inthe concept, a basic understanding of car control nust be in place. Any good study of car control begins at the concats patches. After all, it is at these paches that the final links are made. Links – because there are really two sets of contact patches: those that touch the ground and those that touch driver…

After this part of the course, the participants were acquainted with the driving techniques, with the proper holding of the steering wheel,  then with the concept of  understeer and oversteer, etc.

Then, the Aero students went out onto the polygon, where they passed the part of the course related to the control of the vehicle in a real situation – car control skills: cornering, acceleration, skid control and braking.