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Saab accident and perfect “parallel parked” in Singapore

Saab 9-5 Incident

The FB page Beh Chia Lor today published an interesting video, in which we see one very irresponsible Saab driver from Singapore.

On a daily basis, this page publish, share and celebrate acts of graciousness, kindness and courtesy on the road.

But, sometimes also points to the irresponsible behavior of individuals in the traffic. And their website will dedicate a “Hall of Shame” to these drivers.

Saab 9-5 crash / footage was taken from multiple angles
Saab 9-5 crash / footage was taken from multiple angles

Three days ago there was a very dangerous incident – Saab 9-5 accident and perfect parallel parked along Sin Ming Road in Singapore on 28 July 2016. Fortunately, the incident passed without serious consequences:

Speed Thrills But Kills !


  • With power comes responsibility… Idiot driver, imho.
    Luckily no one seems to have been seriously injured.
    Seems rear brakes may have locked up causing controllability problems….
    Looks like it was rather modified/upgraded vehicle…

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