SAAB Advertising

Saab. A car that reads the road.

Saab. A car that reads the road.

Here’s an interesting and rarely seen advertisements for Saab XWD System (Haldex Generation 4) from printed media. This Ad “A car that reads the road. What a novel idea.” has been advertised by Saab USA in 2009, in National Geographic, Wired, Runner’s World, Princeton Alumni Weekly, Bicycling, etc.

And, inthecommercialsays: “Most all-wheel drive systems are designed to react to road conditions. Saab Cross-Wheel Drive (XWD) is engineered to anticipate them. With twenty different sensors reading the road 1000 times per second, it preemptivelytransfers power and redistributes torque to keep you step ahead oh tje elements. It’s one of most advanced all-wheel drive systems ever build. From dramatic turns and twisting plots to things you never saw coming – you’ll be hanging  on every word. Saab XWD available in the 9-3 Sport Sedan.

Saab XWD Ad

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