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Saab 99 – the Roll bar is Redundant!

Saab 99 WreckSaab 99 Wreck

Lakeland’s Jon Herring likes car. And since 1960 he’s espressed his interest through racing. In a race in 1979 Herring finished fifth overal and first in the showroom stock B class at West Palm.

He drove Saab 99 LE, same one drives to work each day. Herring has grown quite fond of  the Saab make. “It’s (SAAB) the best car in  its class“, he said. “It saved my life abou year ago.” While racing 1978, Herring “flipped nose over tail” five times!

His faith in his car came through and he escaped with only a torn  shoulder muscle.

saab 99 crash
Jon Herring’s CMS Crash 1978 in Saab 99. ‘And he walked away’. For Saab cars roll bar is redundant.
Saab 99 Wreck
Saab 99 Wreck

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