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Saab 99 GL T16 “Trionic5 E85” Race Car

Saab 99 T16Saab 99 T16

A Swedish Saab fan rebuilded B202 engine and swap from LH2.2 to Trionic 5.5 in  his Saab 99 GL T16 “Trionic5 E85” Race Car. The car started life as an early-build Saab 99, which had around 85 horsepower.

It’s still got a Saab engine B202 but a little trim and now has 121 hp / 210 Nm. His owner is not satisfied with the effects, so it is still working on improvements.

Saab 99 racecar


Saab 99 T16

Certainly, this Saab 99 is great-looking and very good sounds. Short sound check:

You can see a last run with the 99 Turbo 16 (LH-Jetronic 2.2) before i replacing it for TRIONIC 5.5 and upgrading the performance – Boost 1.1 bar 16psi:

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