Saab 99 EMS Watch Face for Smart Watches

Saab 99 EMS Smart WatchSaab 99 EMS Smart Watch

About two weeks ago, we presented to you on this blog the first in a series of Watch Faces for smart watches with the theme of Saab cars. The first Watch face in the series was Saab 99 Turbo Watch Face – which can be downloaded for free for your your Amazfit Smart Watch or for any other smartwatch that is compatible with the .wfz format.

Also, this .wfz template can easily be used for conversion for use on other smart watches. It is enough for those who are interested to download the template and, through specialized conversion applications, adapt this Watch Face design for use on another operating system and another smart watches.

For starters, most of these Watch Face templates are inspired by existing wrist watches that Saab once offered through its Lifestyle program, and which could then be purchased at the Saab Museum or at local Saab car dealers.

Currently, you can find these Saab watches in just a few variants with a handful of specialized online Saab spare parts dealers. And the only one that can be ordered for now through the Saab Museum web shop is the Saab 99 EMS wristwatch.

Saab 99 EMS Watch Face

This beautiful, simple wristwatch (which can be ordered at the Saab Museum webshop) is inspired by the tachometer in the classic Saab 99 EMS. The design is simple, reduced, real Scandinavian, and yet old-fashioned, original and inspired by cars.

Watch Face background, instead of the classic clock scale, we have a tachometer or revolution-counter, tach, rev-counter, or RPM gauge (depends on who calls this rev counter). However, the arrangement of the numerical elements of the tachometer is harmonized with the position of the marks on the classic clock.

Saab 99 EMS design for #stratos #pace #stratos2 #stratos3

99 EMS Watch Face Design

So let’s say, the label for “9 hours” matches 10x100RPM, and the 40x100RPM tag for “12 hours”. The scale is bolded and indicates the hours well, so reading the time from the clock is very easy and accurate. Also, based on the wristwatch design, the clock hand is thicker and does not go from the center of the circle, but is slightly shifted, so that it creates the impression “as if floating in the air”. The hand of the minute is a little thinner, but longer, and because of the contrast it is easy to read, it is also moved from the center of the circle.

Based on all this, the shortest look at a smartwatch is enough to read the time. In addition, for additional styling, the second hand is integrated into the inner circle, and moves in a white circle. This has gained in effectiveness, and a clear hierarchy of information can be seen – the most important ones are the easiest to read.

Amazfit Stratos 2 with Saab 99 Watch Face

99 EMS Watch Face Free Download

Like the previous Saab Watch Face, you can download this one for free from the Amazfit community of developers amazfitwatchfaces. The download page is at this link, and after downloading the .wfz file, it is enough to place it in the “WatchFace” folder of your smartwatch. After that, just activate through the settings the new SAAB Watch Face.

We repeat, with certainty this Watch Face works safely on the Amazfit platform, and is compatible with smartwatch models: Pace, Stratos 2 and Stratos 3, for other platforms it must be converted. Maybe this is a really good reason to get one such smartwatch and supplement it with Saab virtual gadgets. Why not, and since these are fitness gadgets, they might get you to exercise a little more.