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Saab 99 EMS Turbo – Clarion Blomqvist Rally car Replica

Saab 99 EMS Turbo - Rally Clarion Blomqvist ReplicaSaab 99 EMS Turbo - Rally Clarion Blomqvist Replica

This is unique Saab 99 EMS Turbo Stig Blomqvist replica car – a rally car that has been made and rearranged by British team Birdie Mango Motorsports (Julian someone called  Birdiemango).

This replica of Stig Blomqvists 1980 Clarion Saab 99 turbo rally car is used in the UK (from 2011) for sprints and Hillclimbs in ‘road-going’ class against Subaru impreza, Focus RS and Mitsubishi Evo.

Julian and his project car - Saab 99 EMS Turbo
Julian (Birdie) and his project car – Saab 99 EMS Turbo

it was the only Saab 99 Turbo then (2011) being raced in the UK. This team spent ten years developing the ‘H’ engined Saab 99 rally car. Standard H engine with GARRETT T3 turbo fitted, then with Mercedes SLK intercooler and bespoke exhaust system gives 174.8 bhp@5118 rpm 194.2 lb/ft torque@2598 rpm (standard 4 speed gearbox, no LSD).

Standard Saab 99 turbo camshaft, the head is lightly gas flowed, with some strange chamber work. 177,000 mile engine with new big end/main bearings and oil pump.cylinder compressions@160 psi. Exhaust system similar in design to c900 turbo (1989) model, with bespoke downpipe, running into C900 (“cherry bomb”) front silencer, and Escort Cosworth Magnex stainless backbox 60mm tubing.

Saab H engine in 99 Turbo
Engine bay – Saab 99 EMS Turbo Rally

Julian chose the model 99 because of maximum power at a far more reasonable 5300 rpm, but more importantly almost 200lb/ft torque at 4300 rpm. The costs involved in this are astronomical, even for someone with my sixteen years experience.

In addition to numerous rally and the race, Julian  with Saab 99 Turbo EMS car toured many European festivals, and in 2013 he was also in Sweden at Trollhättan Saab Festival 2013:

Manx Classic 2014 Creg Williey’s Hill Time 1

Julian cleared the hill in 69.05 secs, course was 2334 metres in length, that gave they 2nd in class, and 21st overall from over 90 starters.

Real  SAAB 99 Turbo Stig Blomqvist 1979

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