SAAB 99 EMS Project from 1979

Saab 99 EMS ProjectSaab 99 EMS Project

This  video made ​​by SAAB, aiming to show the background of Project 99: the SAAB 99 EMS, which was to take over the aging Saab 96 which won race after race.

The EMS model sold to the public did not have a 16v head. But the racing ver. did. It was a pretty beefed up engine and like many other “high-performancing” engines of that time, it was inspired by the Cosworth BDA design. Some say that the 16v head, that I think was inspired by Cosworth, was originally made for a Volvo engine.

EMS—Introduced in 1972, the EMS (Electronic [fuel injection] Manual [transmission] Special) was a sportier model that was originally only available in a two-door version; but became available in the 3-door ‘wagonback’ body from 1974 (1978 in the USA). It had a stiffer suspension and was sold in yellow or a copper coral metallic paint in ’73, Sterling Silver or Sunset orange in ’74, black or Sterling silver in ’75 and ’76, black, Sterling silver, or Cardinal red in ’77, and Sterling silver or Cardinal red in ’78. The engine had 1985cc displacement giving 110 PS (81 kW; 108 hp) and a top speed of 170 km/h (106 mph) . The grille badge differed from the more basic models in ’73 and ’74 only. Other features through the years – quicker steering, luxury interior, soccerball wheels, carpeted trunk, and front air dam

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