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Saab 96 V4 Roadster

Saab 96 Roadster DrakenSaab 96 Roadster Draken

This weeks Very interesting Saab Stor comes from Mrs. Jenn Thompson, at first glance a Saab 96 but as you can see from the picture there are a “few differences” and they don’t stop there – this is now a real little Saab Roadster. Read Mrs. Jenn’s words below. And of course, Thanks to Mrs. Jenn for this beautiful Saab story that is shared with us…

My name is Jenn Thompson and i am contacting you about my husbands Saab 96 V4 Roadster. We have just returned home from the IntSaab16 event in sweden and i wanted to share my husbands awesome car. My Husband Steve (pictured with the car) was given the two seater 7 years ago from the original builder after it had been sat in a warehouse for 25 years.

Steve with his Saab 96 Roadster
Steve with his Saab 96 Roadster

The car had originally been used for rallying and was rolled which in turn caused significant damage to the car and twisted the chassis (please see pictures) So instead of scrapping it they decided to remove the roof and luckily the chassis twisted back into position and so the life of the two seater started.

When Steve received the car it was in a sorry state but thanks to his hard work the car that traveled to Sweden with no roof and no mechanical problems shone brightly. (Yes we drove all the way there and back with no roof)

Saab 96 Draken Roadster
Saab 96 Draken Roadster

He did all the welding and body work himself and he painted it himself as well.

I am extremely proud of what he has accomplished and i was even prouder when the Saab museum took pictures also as well as confirming the cars name as being “The Draken”
I wanted to share this with you as i know a lot of people were not able to view all the cars at the event.

State Before - Saab 96
State Before – Saab 96

As i have stated i have enclosed pictures of the various states the car was in up to and including those taken in Sweden.

A very proud wife – Jenn Thompson (1972 Saab 96 V4 Two seater Roadster aka “The Draken” 1700cc engine, modified Jetex exhaust , all modified parts are saab)

SAAB 96 V4 Convertible (1972) - SAAB International 2013


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