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Saab 96 T Sport

Saab 96 T Sport

Douglas aka “Motornörd” sent us an interesting Saab video story about an even more interesting Saab car. By the way, Douglas is the founder and creator of the video channel Motornörd. He use his spare time to meet different people with cars. He produce youtube videos as an hobby and upload it on his YT channel Motornörd.

In this episode Douglas meet Yngve who owns this unique Saab 96 T Sport. T stands for tillförlitlighet which means reliability. He has owned the car since 1983 and bought it for £80. At that time, The T Sport model was just for licensed rally drivers. They could buy the T Sport directly from the Saab. T Sport car is very similar to the regular Saab Sport. The car was delivered without underbody coating and It had Saab 96 standard interior with ordinary seats since the Saab Sport seats were too heavy.

Enjoy an interesting Saabvideo story, translated by Douglas into English (just click on CC in video):

As Douglas promised, he will also translate his other Saab episodes in the near future. Saab 92A and a Saab Sonett III. he also have some unpublished episodes which will translated and publish later this summer. Thank Douglas for his enthusiasm and interesting stories and encounters for interesting Saab car lovers.

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