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Saab 96 Sport in R.A.C. Rally 1965

 Saab 96 Sport in R.A.C. Rally 1965

Whole issue dedicated to an 7 day International car rally organised by the R.A.C.

The Rally Men Aka The Rally Cavaliers” from 1965 by British Pathé. Great part of Rally history in film:

Paul Easter is seen working on his car – a Mini. Various checks are made on headlights, engine, tires etc. Narrator explains how rallying is not for cissies, “wipe out any romantic ideas right away” he tells the audience. Rally drivers need skill, courage and lots of cash. L/S of cars lined up to begin the rally. Cars are prepared – lots of Minis amongst them. Maps are checked. Start of the race is at dawn.

Paddy Hopkirk is seen setting off in a Mini. Sweden’s Erik Carlsson, aka “Carlsson på taket” (“Carlsson on the roof”), in SAAB 96 Sport inis seen next. Various shots of different types of car speeding through the countryside. Nice Rover. Cars are seen racing away from checkpoints and through muddy terrain. Paddy Hopkirk is seen at a petrol station. Cars seen driving at sunset. Shot of navigator reading map inside a car by torch light.

A woman driver is named – Pauline Mayman and said to be “keeping up the feminine challenge”. Aberdare Motor Club check point is seen. Various drivers clock in – these include Finnish ace Timo Makinen (sp?), Erik Carlsson then his wife Pat Moss. Various shots of drivers and their navigators (one almost asleep in his seat). “There’s no time to admire the scenery” states the narrator. A group of spectators crowd around a car which has crashed – no serious damage done. A navigator uses a battery shaver and has a snack.

Tests are made on cars that reach a checkpoint. Narrator makes the point that the ordinary driver benefits from such rallies as manufacturers can investigate the results of these endurance races.

Winner is Tom Trauna.


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