Saab 96 Restoration – For The Love Of Cars [Full Episode]

Saab 96 RestorationSaab 96 Restoration

Car fanatic Philip Glenister and internationally renowned car designer Ant Anstead are on a mission in new episode of British TV program  “For the Love of Cars” – The duo attempt to restore a Saab 96.

Ant knew of someone that had one of these cars but they never seen the restoration process through to the end due to unforeseen circumstances. The Saab 96 was auctioned off at the NEC, Birmingham and the winning bid came from a property developer, the new owner came to decision, after hearing the story of the car, that he would put the car back into the right auction and what ever money was made would be donated to Cancer Research.

The car was strip down and parts were catalogued. The car was given an new lease of life with a new paint job in the original period colour. The engine, suspension, brakes and hydraulics were all overhauled due to being unused for a long period of time. The interior seats were reupholstered in tartan.

Take a look at this whole Saab TV episode:

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