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Saab Story: Saab 95 Wagon project

Saab 95 WagonSaab 95 Wagon

Fantastic success story from Liam, who bought a Saab 95 Wagon project in the middle of a college class and yelled out “YEEESSSSS!” when he won it at BaT auction.

If you did not know, BaT searches high and low for the best vintage cars for sale online. Good old Saab 95 Wagon is one of those iconic cars that just about everybody claims to love, but few are willing to rescue. This 95 Wagon model, although it is a station wagon, has a sports history. Erik Carlsson drove a Saab 95 wagon to fourth place in the 1961 Monte Carlo rally!

This just in from the buyer of the 1967 SAAB Model 95 V4 Wagon Project purchased via fantastic web service Bring a Trailer Auctions in 2014:

“I was going to send you something on this car’s two-year auction anniversary(9/3) but I’ve obviously missed the boat on that one. Well here goes nothing:
As of writing the current lot for BAT’s auction is  #3192, 2 and a half years and 3173 auctions later from when my wonderful Saab was listed. It’s been quite the journey for both of us, BAT, I’d say. I was sitting in the back of my environmental ecology class freshman year of college, laptop open, last hour of the auction, bidding on this thing.

Liam and his Saab 95 Wagon
Liam and his Saab 95 Wagon


Time kept refreshing with the new bids. Finally, I won and yelled out loud “YEEEEEESSSS!” Wasn’t my proudest moment especially during the middle of a lecture but a memory I hope never leaves me….

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