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SAAB 95 Wagon for Sale

Saab 95Saab 95

This is a late 60’s Saab 95 station wagon for sale. Wayne M. came across it in Bluff, Utah a couple of days ago. The owner is very motivated and “wants it off her property” ASAP or it’s going to the crusher next week. No title; bill of sale. Asking $900 which is in line with the book price.

Saab 95 wagon

Appears as 99% complete and is said the have run in the last 2 or 3 years. Books and parts in the car; no obscene rust could be seen, but… cute as a bug, don’t let this go to the crusher. This is owned by the daughter of the man who had it and worked on it over the last few years. She indicates some electrical issues have kept it off the street. You can contact Wayne by email for the owner’s info.



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