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Saab 93B “Miss Piggy”

Saab 93B

The proud owner of this beautiful car was Sten-Arvid Larsson (before big restoration), and this is classic 1958 Saab 93 B called “Miss Piggy”.

Current owner invested a lot of work and effort into this car, because when car arrived at him Saab 93B was in a very bad condition. He got the car in 2003, and the car was purchased from Borås through an advertisment. He had only seen pictures of her before making the deal, and She was delivered to his garage in Perstorp.

Now, The car does not have any rust, because the car was “rust-renovated” and got new paint in 1979. After that she has been sitting in a cold garage until delivery to Perstorp.

Saab 93 B

Then the owner began big works on restoration of the car; New gas-tank from a V4 fitted well after som retubing; Sparewheel borrowed from his Sonett and “Miss Piggy” has Sonett rims and Michelin 175 – 65 tyres, also New shocks, new wooden radiator wall and radiator from a Saab 96 , then new brae syytem – Driveshafts with discbrakes from 1966 Saab 96.

International Saab Club Meeting. Ljungbyhed august 2006. Wet racing.
International Saab Club Meeting.
Ljungbyhed august 2006. Wet racing.

When Sten-Arvid completed the renovation of the vehicle, he visited many international car club meetings and vintage cars rallies. To his sadness, he sold the car in 2008  to the new owner in the Netherlands. This is another beautiful Saab story.

Saab 93

Copyright Photo Ingmar Timmer.