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SAAB 93 winner of “Classic Le Mans 2008”

On track racing coverage from the 1959 SAAB 93b “Classic Le Mans” winner 2008, with XP-Engine 90hp on 6500 rpm; weight: 728kg and Top Speed is 175 km/h.

Drivers was: Fredrik Tornerhielm, Bo Lindman and Goran Dahlen.

On board camera covering day and night racing with the champion drivers. What a nice two-stroke engine sound, It maby not be the fastest but looks and sounds the coolest by far.

But it did actually win its class (1957-1961) and came second over all in the index of preformance:

The winning concept:

  • Saab 93 B “Sport” 1959″
  • Class:  Grand Turismo 750
  • Engine: 750cc 90 hp 6500 rpm
  • Solex PII carburator
  • Twin SU Petrol pump
  • Radiator from the 92 model
  • 4 Speed gearbox
  • Watercooled frontbrakes
  • Fuel tank with fast filling cap
  • weigth 723 kg
  • Top speed approx. 180 km/h