Saab 91 in Sweden Blue

Concept Saab 91 is an homage to the SAAB 91 Safir, a little plane developed by SAAB in the Netherlands and Sweden. This name is a hidden reminiscence to Spyker (Netherlands) and SAAB (Sweden). The name respond exclusively to historical reasons in the actual context and also to the first car with real aeronautical systems (The SAAB 91).

That is Sweden blue. The idea was finding a young color in the style of the “Fast and Furious” cars, to reach the Tunning customers and young people consumers. Also it is an omage to the Sweden flag. The color was literally taken from the Sweden flag, which was loaded in Photoshop, analyzed and designers from Youngjae Design got the RGB and the CMYK values for accurate color composition.


Observe the rear, the exhaust resemble the aeronautical tradition from SAAB. 91 achieved a great milestone. Designer adapted the real instruments of an airplane, to a street car and made it easy to drive.

This is the first car in the world with real aeronautical instruments, adapted by real pilots. The car attach a ND Navigation Display, PFD Primary Flight Display and EICAS to show the engine parameters in real time.

This is the first car to give you real time meteo information as an airliner provide to the pilots. The first car to attach a “FLIGHT DIRECTOR” – DRIVE DIRECTOR and to follow the routes giving a perfect cross, like a real pilot feel. The first car providing you speeds synchornized with the gear box, V1, V2, VREF, to make you forget the senation of driving and you pass to other experience. 




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  • The grille’s too big and doesn’t look like the cute little one in the sketch. Make the grille smaller and you have a winner.

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