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Saab 900T 16S Ruby Edition for Sale

Saab 900 T16 RubySaab 900 T16 Ruby Edition

This is very rare Saab 900T 16S Ruby Edition with  ‘Carlsson‘ engine, and and this car is currently sold via Ebay, the current price is £5,400.

All were in ‘Ruby’ Red and can be distinguished from other 900s by the colour-coded bumpers and grey (rather than silver) alloy wheels. The very very rare Zegna wool inserts on the doors and seats are in perfect condition. The matte leather of the rear seat looks as if it has never been touched.

[ttshare]Only available in the UK, the Ruby had the 185 bhp (138 kW; 188 PS) ‘Carlsson’ engine but no body kit. Saab worked to combine different styling ideas to make a truly outstanding looking car.[/ttshare]

185hp version of Saab's original 16 valve motor - Carlsson
185hp version of Saab’s original 16 valve motor – Carlsson

There were 150 examples and were the last classic style 900s sold in the UK, of which there are only 59 left on the road according to the DVLA. Saabs of this period cemented the enormous loyalty that the brand commanded, sadly lost in later times through the gradual reduction in the general ‘Saabness’ of their later products – a crying shame as this example shows what fabulous cars they were in their heyday.

All in all, a beautiful car, in very good condition.

Saab 900 T16 Ruby Interior
Saab 900 T16 Ruby Interior

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