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Saab 900S – MotorWeek Retro Review ’83

Saab 900sSaab 900s

Here’s a MotorWeek Retro Review of the Saab 900S from 1983. This is a great chance to see Saab still alive and kicking. While not one of the more famous turbocharged examples, the naturally aspirated 900S is still a quintessential Saab in every other way.

The MotorWeek reviewers definitely aren’t sold on the looks though, and there are plenty of jokes at its expense. Although, only paying attention to the polarizing exterior styling makes missing the good handling and immense interior utility easy. Sadly, without the aid of forced induction, the 900 offers very lackadaisical acceleration. According to this clip, the sprint to 60 miles per hour is more of jog in a leisurely 12.2 seconds:

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