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Saab 900NG “Troll” (400hp) Built by Trollspeed

Saab 900NG Viggen (400hp)

Matt Daul, owner of this stunning Saab 900NG, has invested during the few years a lot of his resources, a lot of money, time and love in the upgrading of this car.

Very reminiscent of a real Viggen, but this is 1996 Saab 900 NG with a huge number of upgrades. Almost every mechanical component on the car has been replaced or upgraded and the result is a finely tuned, absolutely monstrous display of Swedish engineering prowess.

Today 1996 Trollspeed NG900 getting run on a brand new dynojet a SOHO Motorsports, and the result are impressive:

  • 393 whp (almost 400);
  • 364 ft/lbs (~500Nm) @ 30PSI on 93 pump gas;
  • 89 degrees ambient (31C)
Saab 900NG / Screenshot from stunning video by Aperture Charlotte
Saab 900NG / Screenshot from stunning video by Aperture Charlotte

Over the last couple weeks guys from Aperture Charlotte have had the absolute pleasure of working with a Mat and his Saab in creating this short film featuring their heavily modified big turbo Saab 900. Here is beautiful Saab video:

And yes, the car is now on sale! Here are just a short list of modifications:

  • Saab 1996 NG900 with Viggen kit, BBS CH’s
  • Trollspeed 2.3 B234R
  • Garrett GT30-71R .50/.86
  • Verdi Rods
  • JE 0.5mm Pistons
  • Trollspeed camgears
  • Ported/Polished cylinder head
  • 276 Cams
  • F40 6 Speed, quaife LSD, Sachs 3 puck unsprung sintered disc
  • 3″ turboback magnaflow exhaust
  • Custom radiator/cooling system; AC Delete
  • 400+ lbs stripped off vehicle

If  you are interested in purchasing, contact Mat.

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