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Saab 900GTR (600hp) Racer at Gatebil 2019

Saab 900 GTR race car

The Norwegian concept ‘Gatebil‘ is a great mix of cars, drifting, track racing, aftertrack events and music festival, with maximum entertainment for most of the day. Annually, Gatebil hosts 5 festivals starting on the Vålerbanen in Norway in late May and ending at Mantorp Park in Sweden in September. During Gatebil in September, the focus is on the track and driving, as the entire camping area is on the depot side.

This is the chance for all who have a car that thet want to test on the track, whether it is a full-fledged racer or your regular passenger car. In addition, there is a car show, Gatebil Extreme – Gatebil’s own time attack and racing cup, as well as the final Gatebil Drifting Series and the final of the Swedish Cup.

This weekend, the final of this year’s Festival Finals was held, with the Nordic Tuning Dalarna team featuring two full-blooded Saab 900 GTR and Saab 9-3SS B207R Timeattack racing cars. The famous car from Robert Uhr‘s racing workshop is even stronger and faster this season – , as you can see in the following footage recorded yesterday on the Matorp racetrack.

You can see above few laps on Mantorp Park during last race for the year at Gatebil 2019 26-29sep. Best time with some traffic and not great grip 1.27.5

Their Saab 900GTR Racecar now has a new harder suspension set up from D2, also new 10.5″ 18″ D005 wheels from 59Northwheels, and a new aerodynamic package.

Running forged pistons and rods, stock head and 207R cams, Darton sleeves, titan retainers, harder valvesprings, Garrett GTX30 Turbo by GIK, Bosch 1200cc injectors, E85 fuel, 2×Bosch 044, DO88 coolers and Maxxecu race system… With the new Garrett G25 550R turbine this racer delivers 600hp with as much as 800Nm of torque.

Saab 900gtr - 600hp
Saab 900gtr – 600hp