Saab 9000 – “The Car Killer”

This TV Saab 9000 is not the one from Carpeneter’s movie “Christine“, or The Car, or Duel (recommendation to watch all movies), but in this TV series has an evil role.

In this episode  “Faithful Unto Death” of very popular crime TV Series “Midsomer Murders

Episode SummaryA craft centre in the old mill at Morton Fendle is losing money. Several locals have invested in the business and believe they have been swindled by Alan Hollingsworth, the man behind it. When Hollingsworth’s glamorous wife Simone goes missing, Barnaby believes she has been kidnapped and puts Hollingsworth under observation. However, Hollingsworth evades the police, carrying a bundle of cash, and a woman neighbour who follows him to his rendez-vous is killed in a bizarre road accident with Saab 9000.