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Saab 9000 Light NOS Sprinter

Saab 9000 Sprinter

Тhis fanstatic Saab 9000 belongs Lewis Turner grom GB, and He took the much time and the effort to achieve these results with this great car.

The car has 230 hp with extra 50 shot of NOS,Bilstien shocks with 60mm lowering at the front and custom springs at the back, yellowstuff pads, full polybushing including all engine mounts, plus loads of other random stuff, it’s totally stripped at nearly 250kg lighter, and he really need to make a big list for when people ask him this.

It Seems a bit low on hp, but It’s the original T25 turbo on the old B202 DI+APC management system.


This weekend he achieved his new personal speed record, A new personal best of 14.2105 and he has cracked 100mph over the line! (104.96mph)

Saab 9000 NOS

According to his words – “Saturday was test day for the Nitrous system and she took it like a champ, well, she took the 50 horse shot like a champ, but the 75 shot was too much for my clutch to hold; Back to the 50 it is until I fit an uprated clutch set. Also, Burnouts!”


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