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Saab 9000 in Real-Life “the Small Overlap Crash Test”

Saab 9000 in crash

Last week in the US city of Cleveland occurred an unusual car accident, which involved a Saab 9000and one Hyundai.

They say Saabs are tough. A girl cut me off and met the front of my car. I just have a few marks to buff out, a rim and a fender marker light to replace, she didn’t make out so well. Glad she has insurance!” says the owner of Saab 9000 Terrence V..

As you can see in the pictures, Saab 9000 is completely intact, But it can not be said for Hyundai…

Hyundai in crash with saab

Saab Hyundai crash

Saab in Crash with  Hyundai

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