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Saab 9000 flatbed Car Hauler for Sale

Saab 9000 car hauler

Car hauling is one of the more difficult trucking segments to enter and master, but it also can be one of the most financially rewarding.

This Custom flatbed Car Hauler based on Saab 9000 is perfect for starting a small business, and it can also be a great solution if you have a racing car and often visit racing tracks – this trailer will greatly serve to transfer the racing car to the track.

The Saab 9000 Car Hauler was rebuilt based on a 88er Saab 9000CD Turbo, approved as Truck up to 3.5T, 1650Kg payload, without speed limit and has new  Tüv.

Saab trailer

Body has various rust damage, but can be eliminated with reasonable effort. Price 12,000 €


Michael Reichhold
Gutenbergstraße 14
86316 Friedberg
Telefon 0821 607426
Fax 0821 2678344

Saab Sonett II Cabrio

Interesting on this photo – Saab Sonett Convertible. Saab Sonetts convertibles without roof are extremely rare. Some are completely custom with a special history, like this german Sonett II and some seem to be like the roof was simply cutted off.