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SAAB 9000 custom LED tail lights from BoostCustoms

SAAB 9000 LED tail lightsSAAB 9000 LED tail lights

BoostCustoms team spent Almost three week of hard work to perfect plug and play custom LED tail lights for Saab 9000!

This LEDs is quite unique, eye catching design, with Flat positional lights and  nice solution for running and brake lights.

Saab LED lights

Take a look what they did with plug-and-play SAAB 9000 tail lights, and if you like it you can purchase for your SAAB 9000 via BoostCustoms e-mail [email protected] – price $ 650.00 

Saab 9000 LED lights


  • whow , i need a led tail light for my car, how can i find it here and how can i setup ?
    thank you !!!

  • 650USD ?????? Are you OK guys ?? LOL LOL will give you all car for that kind of money :) 650 for few bulbs hahahahaha

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