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Saab 9000 Aero Standing Mile: 305 km/h (190mph)

Saab 9000 at standing mile race

“Quick” and “fast” don’t mean the same thing, One is about acceleration and the other about top speed. This tuned Saab 9000 Aero is both, fast and quick, what the car showed on the track a few months ago at Halli, in Finland.

Speed hunters gather at this former military airport throughout the summer, and they all have the same goal – cross the length of one mile for as short a time as possible and with the highest output speed.

That was exactly how it was this June, on the Halli runway. Standing Mile is a competition or timed race over a distance of one mile from a standing start.

This heavily-modified Saab 9000 probably set the record for the fastest the standing mile Saab, hitting 305 km/h (190mph) from a dead stop.

The car was run by finish tuner, which Holset HX-40 super #14 turbocharged the 2.0 Aero engine (EV-14 1700cc injectors) to pump out approximately over 600 horsepower. This stunning 9000 remains fully stock in appearance but features a radically modified 2.0-liter Saab engine.

If they put a pair of wings on this Saab, we believe it would literally fly!


  • Hello.

    That fast saab 9000 is my and those specs are my another saab 9000…

    This blue One hae HX40 turbo #18, 2200cc injectors, stock B234R block, quaife differential stock 4.05 transmission, water/metanol injection?, two bosch fuel pumps and,and,and… fuel is E85 ethanol fuel :)

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