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Saab 9000 2.3 Turbo – Classic Touring Car Championship Season Winner

Saab 9000 racing

Motorsportaround the world did not stay without Saab cars, it still has them on racing tracks. The real case for this statement is the case of Stephen Field the team at SGB Racing. We congratulate to Stephen Field the team at SGB Racing, First in class in the touring car Saab 9000, a great end to the season.

last weekend was the Last race of the season at Brands Hatch with SGB Racing. Steve has done a fantastic job getting the car round a really wet track, he came 4th overall in the second race, and came 1st in his class!

Winner Saab

A real result considering some of the setbacks the team has been through this season. This is the result of a strong back up team that have worked tirelessly to keep this car up to scratch. Well done to Steve and all the SGB Racing Team. Great Result.

Saab 9000 in action

The car, a Saab 9000 2.3 turbo, competes in the Classic Touring Car Championship, in the pre 93 categoryR.W. Airconditioning Ltd have provided a cooling solution which increases the capacity of the radiator to discharge the increased level of heat that this engine creates, and along with Evans UK, team sponsor have provided a high performance coolant that will help remove even more heat.

Also, Airconditioning Ltd have provided a modified an uprated Abbott intercooler. This is normally an all aluminium fin and tube assembly, the one they have supplied is ‘plate and bar’ which is stronger and more durable, and will be able to handle any increase in power that may come in the future.

Saab team

All team work came to success, and the team was really great.

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