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Saab 9000 – 1 year, 8 months and two days…

Saab 9000 Aero

Our Saab friend from Lisbon, Portugal – Dário Galvão now has a new Saab story, the first time about another car – Saab 9000. Below, here is his A first-person narrative about the fate of one 9000.

1 year, 8 months and two days…

It is hard to think anything at this moment, in my mind goes a number of questions to which I only answer, it is done, it is done, it is ready…

I look at the car and think of the day I found it parked, sad and quite possibly destined for scrap. It was not the first choice, or the first thought, this was destined for the “blue viggen” but fate made it not that choice and fate wanted to cross me with this “unicorn”.

Saab 9000 CD

My faithful life partner “9000 CD” was leaving for good, and almost as a human he was decided to pass the testimony to the “9000 Aero” , I will always remember him since I used many pieces of the cd in this one.
The goal was clear, ambitious, costly but always with the eyes on the future, a car that had not crashed, no rotten places, no wires damaged, 300 bhp on the wheel and surpassing everything I had ever done in the cars of this brand, plus everything done by me and to raise my personal goals.

Saab 2.3 9000 engine

So began this project, the problems that were encountered and everything that has changed in this car you already know, needless to say….

Often some tools flew against the wall, called holy to many people, hypote dreams with family, slept sad when things did not go well, dreamed of more when everything went well. Talking to the car , I promised that I would not abandon it …. he spit me oil, I gave him blood, time and dedication, while others went to the beach, I stayed in the garage.

Saab 9000 engine gearbox

In the middle of this, I had tireless people by my side who through phone, texting or personally marking their help and wanted as much as I could to see this car on the street again.

The €€ flew, the dream took shape, but my eyes were ahead, often 1 step forward and 3 back but we went, one bolt at a time, one nut at a time. Another scratch on the arm, another cut here and there but the dream was taking shape.

Saab 9000 Aero

Today I have a black pearl ready in the garage… I went beyond my challenges, overcame my fears… is ready.

(Spouse)Milene Galvão: Forgive the hours I stole from you, the mortgaged dreams, even you did not agree I felt your support. Ly.
Father Galvão: Always there, helped me in this car and what I learned from you again. Saabist generation…we wish to have this wisdom.
José Galvão: Manito…. How many pieces did you classified ??? Lool how many times did I need one more hand and you never said no. Brothers in Arms.
Décio Clemente: Hours and hours and hours on the phone, welding, brainstorming, supporting… boy, you’re worth your weight in gold.
Luis Coelho: We are together some years to this time on this… .always that person we like to have around and we end up laughing, so many years in the world at Saab and always willing to help… .thanks for all your help and availability.
Bruno Santos: Thank you for always wanting to help within the possibilities and revert what was taken for granted…. Parts and scrap… bought my promise.
Rogério Cavaleiro: Thanks for your courage and messages, sometimes we just need a word.
Sandro: Thanks for the welds.
Welding company: Thank you for your professionalism and availability.
Maptun: Thomas, thanks for the pieces and the tune (340hp 510nm)
Page Followers: Thanks for your words, thanks for following the page.
My neighbors: No more compressor noise… loooool.


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