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Saab 900 Turbo, the Last Genuine Swedish Car

Saab 900 Turbo

The PowerArt channel by Guille García Alfonsín (@GuilleAlfonsin) is a good place to find documentaries and reports on topics related to the cars. From car technique to tests, races, preparations and modifications, routes, and more related to the automotive world. The Great content of PowerArt channel is filmed by Diego Alarza, “Diegumball”, and this dup take care of co-producing it. As you can read in the numerous comments below almost every video, viewers are delighted with the content.

Today this author duo created a video review of the famous Swedish car – Saab 900 Turbo. By the very first day of publication, the video had nearly 30,000 views and hundreds of comments from satisfied viewers.

We would not expect a different reaction, the vast majority of viewers are delighted with Saab cars, and the classic Saab 900 has a special place in their memories. Be sure to watch the video, and if you do not know Spanish click CC at the bottom of the video player and pick up your language.

Here’s what the author of the video says in his introduction: “There was a time when cars without complexes and compromiseswere manufactured in Sweden, which defied the traditional conventions of what a car should look like. Then came GM and Saab gradually lost its essence before dying after the 2008 crisis. Today we meet again with the last purely Swedish link, 900 Turbo by Sergio Álvarez”.

This is just one of the enthusiastic reactions from viewers: “As a child I always saw the Saab as aesthetically outdated cars but at the same time different and special. Knowing the technical and mechanical peculiarities, and the driving sensations fortunately makes you open your mind and see these cars in another way. Congratulations for the video. The car looks great, regards!”

Or in short, Saab stands for “discreet elegance” and “camouflaged performance”… . It is one of those different cars that if you see one on the street you stop a few seconds to contemplate. Thanks a lot to Guille and Diego, for portraying our dear car with such pleasure and love. Thank you also to everyone who commented on this video and enjoyed it.

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