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Saab 900 Turbo Car Found in River While Scuba Diving!

Saab underwater

Scott Johnson aka “Scojo in 360” has toured the world with a video camera, a sense of adventure and all the while,sampling the most diverse cuisine in the world. Scott joined Jared Leisek from the popular YouTube channel “Adventures with Purpose” for this special episode (for Saabers of course).

They found a SAAB….TURBO….in a RIVER! Yes, you read it right, they brought a pretty well preserved Saab car at the river bottom. And this is not the first car this team has found, Can you believe we’ve pulled 16 cars out of the river now?

On this episode of Adventures with Purpose, the team head back into the Willamette River to recover a Saab Turbo underwater. But of course, they have no idea how long the Saab car has been in the river. Yet, according to the team, the last tag on the vehicle dates from 1996, so it’s probably a sinking year.

Good news is that they succeeded in pulling the sunken Saab car out of the river at the boat ramp. It’s amazing the boats don’t scrape them, there just seems to be so much junk in the river. Thanks them for a different view, we enjoyed their videos:

Above you can see an interesting Saab story from two angles and even 360 degrees

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