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Saab 900 Surface Friction Tester in Soviet Union

Saab 900 Friction tester in Soviet UnionSaab 900 Friction tester in Soviet Union

Here’s an interesting Saab video story from the former Soviet Union.

By now, you’ve probably heard that Saab cars used for special purposes at airports around the world. Usually we see them on the big airports in the West, but Not commonly known that that Saab cars are used as surface friction testers at airports in the former Soviet Union.

Saab 900 Friction tester Cockpit
Saab 900 Friction tester Cockpit

Most of these special purpose vehicles created on the basis of Saab vehicles by The Sarsys Friction Tester (SFT) company. In the following promotional video from 1998, in the Soviet era, we see Saab 900 at airport Sheremetyevo near Moscow:

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  • Hello, at the Prague AirPort in Czech they used them too. I used to work ať Saab dealer in 1996 and we had the 5 wheeled 9000 CS in for a service. Also the “follow me” cars used to be Saab 99 Combi Coupes in Orange, but that was late 70´s.

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